I’m starting this “writing plan” as a way to encourage myself to write more at my blog and keep practicing putting my thoughts out there.

My idea is to work on three different categories to just keep proactively sharing things about my expertise and learnings.

In the last few years, I stuck a bit on sharing, and even now, it’s hard to prolific write and dump my thoughts on the web. Now, I’m trying to commit myself to write this blog post.

When I started this text, the name was only “calendar,” I was unsure if I’d dump the blog text titles in my calendar directly.

I decided to have a complete plan domain and use plain text instead of events with a proposed date.

Afraid of committing to a date, I keep escaping from the idea of being committed to myself and sharing my thoughts. The thoughts I have are the only property nobody can take from me.

My experiences give me this unique perspective of the world that only the perceptions from my world can prove.

My past, my feelings, my context. What I did and how I did it. Every action rolls out a new future in our life. If I don’t write now, probably I’ll not write later. If I don’t write tomorrow, probably I’ll not write next week.

We need to practice to get a real taste of everything we want.

These common arguments make me feel good about the decision to write.

Today I’m committing myself to try to open a space on my agenda and make it for writing. I’m always trying to have a good time thinking, but I don’t have many opportunities to share it with friends or find someone interested in hearing me. So, yes, writing is for this kind of lonely people who need to write to the walls and publish their thoughts to others who may read them or not.

Writing is like blindly speaking. You don’t know if someone really hears you. You don’t know if it affects the readers and what will make them reply to you or give some feedback about it.

I always advocate that if I write, I can always use it as a power. A source that proves I already dedicated time to think about something.

I often learn and think about communication, our language, and how we interact as species. What is human behavior, and how do people become excellent? Through several layers of evolution, everyone needs to work out to evolve in what they want.

If you aspire to excel in some activity, you’ll need to go harder as the best of their areas are. Nobody is borns talented and with exceptional skills. Only exercise will make it improve. On the other hand, if things are easy and you’re proficient in that area, you can work out different weaknesses and keep evolving as a whole.

We can continually develop ourselves. I love communication, and I’d like to master this topic. So I decided to write my thoughts to be productive and improve my discourse. It allows me to validate my thoughts and quickly sort and qualify the importance of my words as I speak.

I often go back and forth and move chunks of my writing to build a better story. I usually cut off parts that do not make sense. Should I talk about this? Is it the right moment? Am I diffusing from the target communication? What is the target? Should I need just follow a single target?

While I write about my plans, I mix my feelings about whether I’m putting the words in the right place. Qualifying and choosing what should be where is one of the most challenging things during the writing phase.

I avoid writing just because I don’t have enough courage to say what I want to say. I shut up just for the sake of nothing. Judging that I don’t have the right words or I don’t have anything important to say.

Instead of silence, communicate. Nobody has your point of view. If you think it can be helpful to someone else in the world, say it, write it. Speak about it and pay attention to your own discourse. See the composition of words you use for communicating and start qualifying the accuracy of the word with your real intention.

Here are my criteria to reword the text:

  1. Am I merchandising/lying/not sure here?
  2. Am I talking about the subject or giving my personal opinion?
  3. Am I deprecating other people’s opinions?
  4. Am I biased? Can I use more specific words?

I love to preserve my right to edit what I think. In the end, more I think, deeper I go and better words I’ll have for writing.

Two minutes after starting this section, I did several rewordings to make it more engaging to read. Also, to make it more precise.

If you pay genuine attention to what you’re reading, your mind is probably engaged in what comes next as mine. And this is the difference between plain attention and interest rather than random processing of some words’ meaning in sequence.

Sometimes I feel my writings are done to nobody. I think no one cares about what I write, and this text will never reach someone. Do you see my ability to mix my personal feelings, thoughts, and describing behavior?

You can have several guesses talking about the effects of your message, but to master, communication means you’ll need to target your message to some specific audience. So, first, re-read the text thinking like them, wearing their hat. Then, reword to match their communication style.

Making an average of your writings will make you reach the standard. But, on the other hand, if you’re not interested in the norm, you can write freely and simply lose most of your readers because you lack interest because you haven’t matched your audience’s objectives.

Even if your audience is inquisitive about you, mixing your ideas during your writings will diffuse your audience’s attention.

Think about the text that you’re reading now. It started with the promise of a guy to get back to writing, mixing his feelings and thoughts about communication with the of communicating.

The title is undefined, and the filename is calendar.md. I’ll probably rename it to writing-calendar or writing commitment.

If I need to put a sub-title on this section, I’d probably use meta writing inspired by the meta programming concept. As it reminds me that it’s a recursive objective to reflect on the subject.

The subject is evident in my mind. It’s writing about writing. Because it’s a profession. There are professional writers everywhere, and maybe I can become one.

Practicing is the key to starting, and here is my very first boldly verbose discourse that works as a promise that I’ll commit to writing more.


I plan to use the blog to share knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. Here is my outline of the subjects I’d like to discuss, which I hope will be frequently updated. Putting the links for the topics, I’m publishing.

At the bottom of this file, you can find a Updates section with all my future edits, and you can also watch them one by one at the ideia.me.

I plan to write small posts that I can publish often and target people with a short attention span. These atomic tips can be split and reused from a bigger context. They will work in both ways, often being the seed and inspiration to go further and work on more prominent topics.


I love terminal; years pass, and the shell is still very present in my life. I still edit the stuff on vim and use shell scripts for my automation. So I’ll be sharing short posts about my time-saver tools’.

Planned posts here are:

Programming Researches and Projects

I don’t code that often, but I’d like to document the progress of my interests like:

Personal wins

I quit drinking several years ago, became a vegetarian, and finally, quit smoking. I’m now living with less anxiety and more self-awareness. Yoga, meditation, calming down and using my consciousness changed my life completely.

  1. How has addiction affected my life?
  2. How can co-dependencies drive your friendship and relationship?
  3. Thoughts about seamlessly switching my ergodox keyboard to MacBook without that many typos?



Life is short. I’m continuously evaluating if I’m using my time correctly.

I often get myself profoundly thinking about my priorities and commitment. Because of that, I think about going deeper into prioritization.


I’m glad that I got involved with the employee experience. I welcomed hundreds of people in the last few years. I’m often engaging my friends to do the same and expose the opportunities in the onboarding domain as a new category of challenges that fast-growing companies are facing when they start hiring aggressively.

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