Here are a few of my talks future to past.


So proud to see too many PG Days in Brazil! I’ll be in a few of them:



Previous talks in Europe/North America:

June 7- Functional Programming in SQL at LambdaDays

May 11 - Data Modeling at J On The Beach 2023

March 9 - Practical psql Scale 20x

March 28 - Making Noise with your Time Series Data at Ada.rb


Ruby Conf Thailand - Ruby or SQL? Where to process your data?

Ada.rb - Processando dados temporais com Ruby e TimescaleDB

PGConf Brazil - Zen Life with Psql - In Portuguese


Pandemic year. Only online events.

Extract Summit - From code to data: live-coding a small blog scraper

Hasura Con - Visualizing TimescaleDB compression status in real-time with Hasura

Ruby Kaigi 2020 - Grepping Ruby Code like a boss

Same talk, but from 2019 and in Portuguese: RubyConf Brazil 2019 (Portuguese)


I don’t use slides but just build markdown files for my talks.