It was an excellent year for me. I love my life. I love my work, and I’m pretty happy looking forward my future and my next challenges.

I made a lot of cool things. Coding, cycling, traveling. My life is amazing.


I started with my first week off in a cycle touring trip, and I’m planning to do other soon.

I started my nomad life, and I lived in 5 different cities this year:

Right now, I’m finishing the year in my hometown: Francisco Beltrão / PR.

I cycled more than five thousand kilometers and did a few amazing bike trips with friends and my son Lorenzo.


In RubyConf, The Developers Conference and CodeCamp NYC, I invested a good time to make my presentations more live coding oriented, and I’m very happy with the results and the feedback, I got from it.

I observed that people got their mind in “debug mode” when the cursor start blinking in the terminal and I loved to engage people more and turn the session more interactive and richful.

I also brought “Binding Pry Driven Development” as a joke in my presentation in RubyConf but I’m seriously thinking about doing some real sessions to show how easier is to focus on build code by prototyping directly with pry and make it happen by testing with pry and generate specs from real interactions.

Visiting NYC and I got my first experience speaking in English at foreign conferences. It was also my first time outside South America, and I’m very excited to visit other continents in the next year.


This year I felt that I never got so addicted to coding as I’m now.

I contributed to RuboCop creating tutorials for Node Pattern and expanded the Development guide.

I also created the Layout/ClassStructure cop and published a tutorial showing how to configure it properly.

I also contributed to rubocop-rspec with a new cop to improve specs quality.

I’m working a lot on code reviews and embrace RuboCop and RuboCop RSpec projects to keep me very excited about my work.

Scratching my itch, I’m planning to continue dedicating a reasonable time to my project: fast. It’s handy to replace grep and also make experiments and code replacements. You can check a bit of my adventures with automated code replacement.

I have the dynamic experiment initiative is going on and I hope to be presenting some real results soon. I’m already getting success in my current experiments, and I’m planning the next set to proof the concept and design the first public API to allow other developers to do their tests in the same way.

I also started export, and I abandoned it after a while. It’s hard to predict problems with big databases, and I got into real troubles trying to use it with complex model relationships. I hope to get some attention and push forward the idea because the project is fascinating and will be very useful for a lot of companies. I described a bit about the idea, but I still need to expand my argumentation and have a real use case that it works.

Being a dad

My son is in a wonderful stage of the life. He is six now and is learning to write and read. We’re having a lot of fun with words, and he is very excited about English because I’m speaking English almost all the day at home and he starts trying the the words in the same way.

He is connecting the words. Writing his first isolated words with a bit of freedom. I’m very excited that in one or two years I’ll be able to start teaching him to program and I hope to do our first lessons with strings and regular expressions.

He is always comparing what words start or ends with what character and it’s a great start to show him a few tips on programming :)

He is my companion on cycling, and we made a 100 km cycling trip with him in the bike seat behind me on the bike. Cycling with my son is an interesting moment of integration. With a good time to have clear conversations about the life.

Happy new year!

It was the year! So glad to be alive. Happy new year everyone! o/

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