The Confluence of Permaculture and Code

My experiments in permaculture, spanning a decade, have been a profound understanding and applying the principles of natural ecosystems to cultivate a sustainable environment. Only in the past five years have I truly immersed myself in practicing these principles, leveraging every nearby resource to conserve energy and repurpose everything within my grasp.

Parallel to this, my two-decade career as a backend developer has been equally transformative. The creation of tools, meta programming, and frameworks has been my playground, enabling me to explore the depths of software development.

From Soil to Software

As I delved deeper into both worlds, I began to see the striking similarities between permaculture principles and the open-source ecosystems I’ve been a part of. This realization led me to explore how these principles can inspire a more resilient and sustainable approach to software development.

The Crosswords of Permaculture and Programming

The lessons from permaculture have taught me to see the beauty in the cycles of growth and decay, in the interdependencies of all living things, and in the resilience of nature’s systems. These lessons are not just about gardening; they’re about life, community, and the software we create. They remind us that every bug, like every weed, has a story and a purpose. They challenge us to look beyond the immediate and see the potential for regeneration and innovation.

In both the garden and the codebase, we learn that diversity is not just a buzzword but the foundation of resilience and strength. We learn that serving the community, whether through sharing the bounty of the harvest or contributing to open-source projects, enriches us all.


As I continue to weave these threads of permaculture and programming together, I am reminded of the richness that comes from embracing multiple perspectives, from nurturing growth in all its forms, and from recognizing the interconnectedness of our world. Let us continue to cultivate these spaces, both digital and terrestrial, with care, creativity, and a commitment to sustainability.

Embarking on this journey has not only enriched my understanding of the natural world but has also provided me with a unique lens through which to view and approach my work in technology. It’s a testament to the idea that the principles guiding the growth of plants and ecosystems can also inspire the development of resilient, sustainable software communities. In blending these worlds, I’ve discovered a harmonious balance that fuels my passion for both.

In the garden of life, where code and compost blend,  
A tale of two passions, in harmony, I tend.  
From bugs that teach, not merely pests to mend,  
To diversity's strength, on which we depend.  

Twenty years in tech's deep dive,  
Building tools, making software thrive.  
Meta programming, frameworks alive,
Now with permaculture, my worlds collide.

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