I tried to have a restrospective moment every year and it always happen in the last few days of December.

I love to reflect and understand what makes me strong/weak and how I can move forward with more accurate attitudes.

Last year, I finished my year celebrating my anniversary at RubyConf Thailand.


I got a cake in the end of my talk and the entire conference sung happy birthday to me! It was a legendary moment in my life!

First time I put my feet in India, Canada and Mexico. I’m skipping my layover in Morocco :)

PGConf India 2023

This year was far the year that I traveled more in my career. My first stop was very far from home, I’m so happy that I went to India for PGConf. I had a full crowded room and it was an intensive 4 hours workshop.


I had a 4-hour workshop answering questions with data around the the theme “Is global warming real?”.

The idea behind this workshop was introduce me in the Postgres basic data science and serve my community.

I’m very happy that this introductory workshop for beginners was very well accepted in almost all conferences I sent. It seems several times people are struggling to get a spot and speak in a conference and sometime just serving the community with the basics can be a very welcome action.


I loved India and I’d easily live there. The food is amazing, people are humble, happy and peaceful. I’d love to get out of Bengalaru and travel more.


I also had the opportunity to meet several folks that works for Timescale. It was amazing. So glad to know more about these folks cultural aspects! Precious moments with them 🫶


My second trip was the longest of the year. In 40 days I did Spain -> US -> Mexico -> Canada -> Poland -> Brazil.

Scale 20x

In march I went to SCaLE 20x – the 20th Annual Southern California Linux Expo.

My first timem in Pasadena/Los Angeles area. Great names like Ken Thomposon was also speaking in the conference. I had great time there, and my talk was about psql tips and tricks. You can watch it here.

I also meet Cliff, this guy!


I love meeting new people and that’s the most amazing part of community. Cliff is an example of courage and we had great time talking about career, life and everything.

I went to Santa Monica in my free time and it was an amazing trip using public transport. The most important thing was my memories on Forest Gump movie coming real in front of Bubba Gump restaurant.

JOnTheBeach - Málaga - 2023

In Spain I had two workshops and my talk was about how to model a time series database, watch it here.

JOnTheBeach conference. This conference was amazing, very well structured and with outstanding talks.


I was very impressed with the amount of gaming companies focused on Casinos was in the area. The city seems a great place to live and work with tech and this conference is a real proof of it.

Between conferences, sometimes it does not worth to get back home and you can chose a long stay. My time in Malaga was the longest stay as my next stop would be more expensive.


I loved the city and I ran almost 60 km during my 12 days there. I did my longest run of the year of 17 km. Almost jogging but was a new achievement!

Bitcoin Miami

Timescale was sponsoring Bitcoin Miami one week before the marketing offsite in Mexico, so I had the opportunity to arrive early and meet my teammates and work with them during 3 days of conference.


How much I love these folks! Team work is all about embracing the challenges and grow together. We had a very intensive opportunity to train our short pitches about Timescale to an audience spectrum from crypto folks that was mind blowing to me.


We attract a lot of folks to our booth. Funny communication experience. It’s always a great exercise to find ways to explain how a timeseries database can make your business better no matter what you’re doing.


BTC Miami is a real show of what crypto folks can do. The conference has too many arts installed and a small museum with all hashing hardware. Too many companies with specialized hardware for hashing. I loved to being back a little and see how much powerful is the finance/fintech/crypto ecosystem.


I had a short time in Mexico but it was fun! I had the opportunity to visit Isla Mujeres and other paradisiac places nearby. I did a little dive to a place with underwater giantic sculptures closer to an Island. It was a mind blowing experience.


The offsite was really great! It’s always great to meet folks in person, especially in full remote environment. I’d never get back on feed on office full time but the offsites really worth going. Great times to build trust, work and have fun!

Had the opportunity to meet the legendary @noctarius2k, Java Champion which become a Developer Advocate at Timescale too!

PGCon 2023 - Toronto

PGCon was certainly the most low level coding conference I went in my life.


I love how profound and very intentional is this conference. They want to meet to really talk and solve complex problems. Even Tom Lane and other folks from the Postgres origins were there. I loved how they brough all discussions and used break out rooms to get hands dirty or discuss things in the board grouped by challenges.

Toronto with a shorter time, but I also had the opportunity to show my AI experiments. and all the fun I’m having with it.


I also had the opportunity to meet the amazing Jacob Champion which is a open source developer during his entire life. Worked on libcurl and other great projects like Postgres 😱

Lambda Days - 2023

My second time in Poland. I love this place and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to visit Krakow and Rzeszów again!

I’m a functional programming fan even I never did anything really serious professionally. My talk is available online and you can watch it if you want.

My talk on LambdaDays was a small guided tour for the the functional folks to take a look on the timescaledb toolkit pipeline operator. I love this topic and feel glad to be with them.

I also made new friends and had the opportunity to be part of a careers panel. Very good conversation and to get closer to the functional programming community. Amazing community, very inclusive. I learned a lot from these folks!


After Lambda Days I spent a few times with my old colleagues from previous company. Marcin and Michal are like my brothers. I feel at home in their home.

Lovely friends from Poland!


Michal Papis was also one of the maintainers of RVM (Ruby Version Manager) which was a very widely adopted tool.

I went very far with Marcin and Michal talking about programming and the new era coming with AI.

My last talk of the trip was in Rzeszów two days before coming back home. Second time there, with the meetup organized by my friend Maciek Rząsa.

PG Days

Back to Brazil, I had the opportunity to speak at 6 PGDays in Brazil, going to Brasília, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Chapecó, Porto Alegre.

The Postgres Community in Brazil skipped the PGConf this year and spread out dozens of PGDays instead. I absolutely loved it as the single day event reached people in a more inclusive manner, not only bringing professionals but also introducing Postgresql in universities.

I specially had great times with folks from this picture:

Fabrizio Mello from Timescale (Timbira boss), Alvaro from Stackgres, Charlie Baptista from Perconna.



Permaculture is one of my objective in life. Reach a good balance with nature and find a good way of living in harmony with all beings. Finally installed solar panels and started setting up all my IoT system for the house.

I realized a big dream of having a dome as a green house. I built a few geodesic structures in the past with chopsticks and using 3D printed connectors. I loved how it feels. Then I decided to go build and pay a professional dome builder to make the hard work for me.


We also have a lots of bananas and other fruits going on the orchad. Building a solar drier is one of my next projects as wood work is being one of my favorite hobbies too.


I have too many other stuff to share but I was not disciplined enough to make all time for it. I had great time also building fornitures and other wood projects. A lot of fun!

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