Senior developer remote only.


City/State/Country: Florianópolis/SC/Brazil

Phone: +55 (48) 99150 1012




  • Passionated developer has 11+ years of experience working on software development, applying agile methods in the last 8 years.
  • Actually working on onboarding process at Resultados Digitais as a Full Stack Trainer
  • Self taught and researcher in the last 5 years has worked with research/development of automated trading strategies for financial markets
  • Responsible and committed working 7+ years from home for various customers and companies.
  • Entrepreneur and independent has working without supervision since 2010. Being partner of two different business from there. Executive (2010-2012) and
  • Hacker e activist created Beltrão Hacker Club - a hacker/maker group in Francisco Beltrão with regular meetings to hack software and hardware.


  • analytical thinking
  • intermediate people to get focused in some objective
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • resilient on troubleshooting

Other characteristics:

  • Self-motivated to work and live
  • Diligent and interest on our sustainable planet
  • Living a nerd life

Interesting activities on career

  • Computer vision for biometrics
  • Performance benchmarking, development and research
  • Distributed architecture and parallel processing
  • debugging and performance tuning on
    • High frequency algorithms - JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
    • Event driven systems - CEP (Complex Event Processing)
    • Complex SQL, big queries and indices optimization.
  • Design and deployment of various web/mobile apps
  • Ruby on Rails web and friendly mobile applications
  • Native Android applications
    • Integrated and offline/sync applications.
    • Musical apps
    • Bluetooth integrated applications
  • Designing Object Oriented applications
  • Backend linux - process and services integrations
  • Integration between hardware and software - Internet Of Things
  • Managing clouds, linux environment: Shell scripts, Puppet, Vagrant.
  • International markets and integrated markets - FIX Protocol
  • Image processing with Java and Javascript
  • Research and development of trading strategies for financial markets: from quantitative indicators to fully automated trading strategies experiencing CME, Forex, BMF and Bovespa markets.
  • BigData manipulation

Familiar with frameworks like: AngularJS, HandleBars, Backbone, HighCharts, JQuery, Underscore, d3. Adopted coffeescript instead of javascript in all the projects as possible.

Uses Test driven development (TestUnit, JUnit) and Behavior driven development RSpec, cucumber) to develop since 2007.

Technologies summary

Languages | Tools | Methodologies | OS | Databases, Persistence and Prevalence ——————–+————————+———————-+———+————————————– Ruby | VIM, Eclipse | Extremme Programming | OS X | PostgreSQL Coffee / JavaScript | Sinatra, Rails, Yeoman | Scrum | Linux | MySQL Java | Bundler, npm, gradle | Kanban | iOS | CouchDB Python | RSpec, JUnit, jasmine | Business Model Canvas| Android | MongoDB Shell | Bower + Grunt | | Tizen OS| Redis SQL/PlPgSql | AngularJS | | | Prevayler PureData, R, Elixir | JQuery | | | Madeleine

Professional Experience

From To Position Company Experiences
2004 2006 Software developer TJ Sistemas Clipper/FlagShip, Linux, PostgreSQL
2006 2009 Software developer Leosoft Java, Ruby, Javascript, Linux Servers, PostgreSQL, JBoss, Tomcat
2009 2010 Freelancer Ruby, Javascript, Java, Node, PostgreSQL, MySQL
2010 2012 Partner / CTO Executive Inteligência Tecnológica. Java, jRuby, Statistics, SOA, CEP, FIX Protocol
2012 2016 Partner / Developer Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Ruby, jRuby, Java, Javascript, Node, C
2013 2013 Teacher UNOESC - Universidade do Extremo Oeste Distributed computing and parallel processing classes
2015 2016 Full stack developer Resultados Digitais Performance and Operation team. Benchmark, research and improve actual infrastructure to scaling up RDStation digital marketing platform.
2016 actual Full stack trainer Resultados Digitais Out teach guy. Help people to code using the best practices: TDD/BDD, code quality, metrics and monitoring.


  • Performance issues
  • Scalability strategies
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D Printing
  • Sonification and art-technology
  • Startups
  • Statistics and Data Science
  • Functional Languages
  • Computational Intelligence and autonomous systems

Academic experience

From To Title University
2006 2011 Bachelor of Computer Information Systems UNIPAR
2012 2014 Graduate School in Art-therapy, education and health UNOESC

I really enjoy and learn so much more on and a lot of other open source online courses than from my academic experiences.

My favorites actually are coursera and udacity.


  • Bliss Symbols International Community - Created - a tool for work with bliss symbols. Create interactive content to learn blisssymbolics language.
  • Activist on local hacker/maker culture
  • Active Rails Rumble competitor
  • Active Speaker at tech conferences - Find my presentations at slideshare or speackerdeck
  • Active participant on local tech events. Find me on a meetup near from me.
  • Active apoiador on startup/entrepreneurship events
  • is where I put my open-source code.
  • LinkedIn exists but is not up to date.
  • is my personal website
  • is the company I was partner focused on maker world.
  • Executive is another company I was partner focused on automated trading for financial markets.


I like to talk so much at events and be part of the tech communities.

See some of my talks in portuguese.

Pet Projects