Thursday night, I arrived from Athens and past weekend I had the most insightful update in my mindset until now. I’ll refer here as semantic fields.

The main idea of semantic fields rules important aspects of our brain, and mixed with a group of words floating on a multi-dimensional space. Our beliefs are clustered by some key aspect of the communication, given understanding of what each word means on a context.

Let’s dive into some practical examples. What cold means? If you ask it for a person in a tropical country, the temperature will vary from 10 to 20 Celsius degrees is already cold. While for non-tropical folks, answers will vary too.

Cold is a valuation, a belief that someones has about some experience they have. If you throw a tropicalist into a ice bath, they’ll not die, it will just expand the semantic field for the meaning of cold. I had exactly this experience by jumping into a lake in Athens and it as 9 Celsius degrees outside.

If you just distrust your valuation system (be careful, don’t die), you’ll end up opening and expanding your thoughts to a new system that can distrust and revalidate it, recursively expanding it the infinite.

Distrusting all your beliefs is hard because you need to throw your entire memory system in the trash and burn calories to reprocess everything all the time. It costs energy and time but here is the magic to feel alive.

Stop giving same answers, think about all words, use active listening all the time, and never ever hurt anyone with words or thoughts because it’s all about learning more about your own annoying brain.

I’m a big fan of conscientiology studies and I fall in love with my partner after spending a night at her apartment, craving to see all her books but just stuck over the consentiongram. It’s a book/resume with several questions to score levels of conscious to all aspects of your life and valuate yourself on your self conscious journey.

The neovocabluary proposed by the conscientiology studies expanded my capacity of reasoning. Understanding new semantic connections leverages the speed of acquiring complex subjects through different fields.

During the last few years I’m practicing fast listening through any media I can. Depending the density of the subject, I can easily go with 3x and still get bored and often feel I got nothing new out of it.

The problem of being superficial and avoid expanding knowledge with neovocabularies is that you’re forced to keep surrounding the topic because the lack of words. My daily shame to find the right word in English is fadding out as I work out on my muscle memory and speed up my process reinforcing new vocabularies varying on exotic topics.

I’m so pleased that now I feel my brain just using faster switches between different semantic contexts to build communication as RAG (Retrieval-Augmented-Generation) bless us exploring the knowledge of all our languages together. Chains are interconnecting new synapses faster than I ever experienced.

My next steps exploring these topics is to discover the new limits for the beliefs that affects my mind more often. My first curiosity and research goes over the construction of a pragmatic process to help therapists to build custom models/neovocabularies to their patients.

My own research to find a therapist online was a profound struggle. Filtering near by therapists in the internet led me to a large group of professionals with a very shallow and repetitive vocabulary that never ever caught my attention either “spoke my language”. My theory is that the attraction of forces, especially on intentional relationships, like go to a therapy or buy a product, is highly magnetized by the semantic field match.

a buyer/seller in general, are ruled by this semantic fields that can fields are attracted magnetized bringing an alignment with the patient belief.

Neuro-marketing is spreading alternative messages to see what hooks the masses. Brands are massively taking over this techniques as as holy books did in the past with religions, they’ll keep the main message simple and introduce neovocabularies later, as gifts of knowledge for avid members.

Memorizing names and going deep into new concepts and vocabularies needs energy and movement and remember that inertia rules the universe.

My self-commitment is to be in movement, being present in time as the most incredible human to everything that orbits around me. I’m ready to have a closer relationship with the nature, and also my nature, fearlessly investigating anything that stops me from this commitment, being humble, vulnerable, ready for change, ready for the future.

This is my own neo-vocabulary, a space I’m opening for health and abundant living. Words for my own cure, building blocks that can feed my mind and believe in a better world.

I love books and how they expand my vocabulary and mindset.

I’m now on “Can’t Hurt Me” from David Goggins is master on semantic fields of discipline, giving up on all body pain to find new limits of the mind.

Here’s a list of last few books that are highly correlated to the mindshift I’m having now:

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