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One year cycling

These days I'm really excited that I'm completing my first year cycling in my adult life. I'm a software developer in a lazy life

I initially choose biking to avoid the traffic and instead of just being a tool, I fall in love riding again.

As at my childhood, it was awesome and I can do it every day :)

I cycled at least 6500 KM this year and it was awesome. My body and mind are thankful of that. I'm feeling happier and thinking more about how many cool stuff I'll do cycling.

I've rediscovered that bike is freedom.

When you start riding and observe how many blockers you skip by bike, you start realizing you can use it more and more. It's simpler, cheaper and healthier.

I crossed Floripa island multiple times and now I think I know more about the city than a good part of people that only commute by cars or bus.

When you walk, run or ride, you get a slow point of view and can appreciate more accurately each piece of land you pass. By cars or bus you just use the way. You're not really there, being part of the scene.

Bye bye fat life

After sometime understand how food can hack our body I'm thinking lean. I lost 33 KG until now and I'm sure I'll never come back to my fat life.

After I start riding, I observed that biking excites, even more, to take care of my body and health.

I'm drinking less beer just to ride more bike. Doing the same with food and it's awesome.

On the first day, I took this pic especially to remember my fat state.

Look that I'm truly happier than when I started.

Biking is so addictive. There's no way to go back.

I can't imagine myself thinking differently and I'm loving each day riding.

I know I can live the rest of my life without buy a car :)


Now I start looking for things to do biking. Ciclo tour is something really cool and I'm really interested in.

I start adapting my bike to my first bike tour. I'm going to ride 600 KM in Argentina in the next year.

Then it's my new life. Now I'm in love with bikes. No matter where I'm going, I'm rethinking and try to commute with my bike.